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As a Pre-Engineered and Steel Structure Builder, Indoor Decorators aim at influencing the lives of people in a way that no other company has ever done it. We believe that luxury should be affordable and that safety should be fundamental. Hence, we deliver our products with no compromise in safety and quality and neither do we gain what we don’t deserve.

As a company, we are dedicated at making Pre-Engineered Buildings at a reasonably priced service that an environment that requires it should be able to afford it. We hold strong to the belief that this world also belongs to our upcoming generation and that we should always be devoted to be the forerunners of bringing back the eco-friendly culture that we once lead in our lives. Our vision is minimal waste and maximum usage of raw-materials.

Indoor Decorators Services
Easy Panel System-Indoor Decorators Services

Easy Panel System


  • Consistent High Quality Finish
  • Lightweight & Easy to Handle
  • Simple Construction and Assembly method
  • Flexible Surface Finishing
  • Fire resistant for 2 hours
  • Superior Thermal Insulation
  • Superior Noise Reduction
  • Ease of cutting and shaping
  • Easy installation of electric and sanitary extensions
  • T & C corner sections

Hybrid Building System-Indoor Decorators Services

Hybrid Building System


  • Lighter reduce in foundations and load which means cost.
  • 100% non-combustible
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Does not expand or contract with moisture content
  • Consistent material quality with industry standards
  • Do not require scaffolding and uses light equipment.
  • Very neat with no waste.
  • Faster with simultaneous activities reduced man/hr work load
  • Offers wide range of floor, wall and roof designs
  • Provides exceptional acoustic and thermal properties

Cold Rolled Steel Frame Structures-Indoor Decorators Services

Cold Rolled Steel Frame Structures

Quality, Safety & Sustainability

  • Safer construction process due to the build method
  • Better able to project manage, better quality control
  • High quality galvanized steel
  • Steel is 100% recyclable and is considered a green building material.

Cost & Speed

  • No extra labor costs or wastage of materials
  • Shorter construction time
  • Design, fabrication and erection is economical and efficient
  • Faster manufacturing and erection

Light Gauge Steel Frame Structures-Indoor Decorators Services

Light Gauge Steel Frame Structures


  • Factory made prefabricated wall & roof structure
  • Pre-fabricated and preassembled steel components
  • Incredible strong and highly durable
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Seismic and cyclone proof
  • Speed

    • Transported and erected at site
    • 60% reduction in construction time
    • lightness makes it easier for on-site handling
    • Cost

      • Cost Efficient and Easy to remodel

We design and implement all kinds of structures

  • Container Cafe

    Making use of real Shipping Containers, we are capable of creating some stunning designs for Container Cafes and Bars. From Designing, implementing and fine-finishing the Container Cafes, Indoor Decorators are also keen at providing a sort of specialness to every Container Cafes in India adding a sense of uniqueness to each of them. Container Cafe in Kochi near to the Harley-Davidson showroom is a shining example of our vocation as a Pre-Structured Engineering Company.

  • Cafes

    Not just Container Cafes, we are also expert names in Cafe designs and buildings. Our notable works run all around the city of Kochi and around Major towns in Kerala. We have also done a number of Cafe projects in out around major cities of India.
    Cafes that run mostly as chains have always been loyal customers to our works and hence we find it extremely priding for a Pre-Structured Engineering Company to have done numerous Cafe projects in the Country.

  • Stadiums

    Stadiums just like Malls, require more space and airing without sacrificing the natural lighting. Therefore, designing a stadium should require particular experience in the field. Usage of light but strong materials, reduction of pillars without sacrificing much visibility etc. will make a stadium a challenging offer for Steel Structure Builders.
    Completing the architecture with lightweight materials and maximizing the visibility by a huge margin, Indoor Decorators make great deals that never gets rejected.

  • Auditoriums

    Our Auditorium Designs stay quintessential to their standards all over Kerala and South India. Inspiring ourselves from our previous works and also from the global models, we impart the beauty of budget and strength of integrity in our works.

  • Malls

    Indoor Decorators has extended the boundaries of affordable Mall Designs with Pre-Structured Building Architecture. We take special care in making the buildings Eco-friendly, affordable and Long-Lasting. Pre-Engineered structures are crucial for Malls as they ensure better natural lighting and lesser use of cement.

  • Hotels

    Indoor Decorators gives you the best deals on Easy Panel Structures and also provides a great flawless environment for your Hotel that are easily maintainable and the same time doesn’t take much financial backup. With our modern designs, we ensure that your structures look like no other in the city and that is something that we assure our clients.

  • Hospitals

    Indoor Decorators have a really long track-record of changing the entire style of how Hospitals approached their buildings. From being mere structures of Concrete, Indoor Decorators has made the best steel structural architectures for hospitals that stay for long with lesser maintenance.

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